TEKSIS Textile Products Marketing Inc. was established as the export company of HASSAN GROUP of which main mission was to export all the products produced by the HASSAN GROUP COMPANIES to all over the world.

Besides the aim of exporting and marketing the group products to foreign markets, trading and importing of the raw materials for the group companies needs as well as the other various materials for international markets are also among the major goals of TEKSIS. It operates in foreign markets by means of direct selling / purchasing to or from manufacturers, via dealers, distributors and native representatives depending on the products and territory.



HASSAN GROUP of which main mission was to export all the products to all over the world.


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Hassan group is one of leader player in cleaning wipes industry. We are able to offer below products which are produced in Hassn group facilities under our own guarantee. Fiber...
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Our water proof and air permeable PE films can be used as laminated with innumerous products (woven, nonwoven, knitted etc.) in order to get composite materials that can be used...
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Our needle-punched Polyester (PES) and Polypropylene (PP) geotextile can range in thickness from a thin, light weight material as 50gsm to a fairly thick felt-type material as...
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One of our main goal is offer value-added products by using advantage of having various facilities which are belongs to same group in same location. We are one of the big player...
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For the automotive industry, Hassan Group manufactures a high quality product branded AUTOFELT, consisting of needle punched felts, coated-laminated-dye cut parts, nonwovens for...
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Hassan group manufactures wide range products for furniture and bedding sector under the brands "Derio" and "Felthro". Derio is used in synthetic leather backing. This product...
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